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Welcome to MargusConsulting's free On-Line XTbML Database! This site features all XTbML Actuarial Tables on the Society of Actuaries Website, with more to come!

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The Society of Actuaries has a diverse collection of Actuarial Tables that it maintains on its website. They are in industry-standard XTbML text format. This format can be examined by human observers, or parsed by standard software packages.

Here are MargusConsulting's goals for XTbML.

  • Right now, to make the existing collection more accessible to practicing actuaries.
    • Each existing XTbML table now has a standard Microsoft Excel analogue.
    • Both XTbML and Excel formats can be located using a dozen different search criteria.
  • Ultimately, to expand and improve the service.
    • Modernize existing XTbML tables, according to the latest industry standards.
    • Add new tables (both XTbML and Excel).
    • Expand to other lines of business, including Long Term Care, Group Insurnce, and Individual Disability Income.

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