XTbML Tables: Troubleshooting


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Nothing happens

The XTbMXL.xlsb spreadsheet uses Microsoft Office Visual Basic Macros. For security reasons, they are often disabled. If Macros are not enabled, the buttons and links in the spreadsheet will not function, and you will get nothing useful.

On loading XTbMXL.xlsb, you may see a Security Warning:

Security Warning. Some content has been disabled.  Options...

Click the "Options..." button, "Enable this content", and "OK." You may have to do this each time you load XTbMXL.xlsb.

If you don't see the Security Warning, then click Microsoft Office Button, "Excel Options," and "Trust Center."

Trust Center

Clicking "Trust Center Settings..." displays the following:

Macro Settings

Under "Macro Settings," you have the following choices.

Disable all macros without notification
Totally unacceptable, because XTbMXL.xlsb can't function at all.
Disable all macros with notification
A useful compromise between security and utility. You get full functionality, but only after "Enabling Content" each time you load XTbMXL.xlsb.
Disable all macros except digitally signed macros
Not good here, because XTbMXL.xlsb isn't digitally signed.
Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run)
Convenient, but probably too vulnerable to malicious attack.
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Invalid Reference

When you click a "Download Table" or "Open Table" link, the spreadsheet may display the following message.

Microsoft Office Excel: Reference is not valid.

This is annoying but harmless. If you have renamed the spreadsheet, and want to eliminate the error, download the spreadsheet again and retain the original XTbMXL.xlsb name.

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No Server Connection

When using the XTbMXL.xlsb spreadsheet, you may get the following error message.

Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time error '-2147012867 (80072efd)':
					A connection with the server could not be established

The Web is rife with people complaining of this error, which is associated with Microsoft's WinHTTP download package. Here are some possible causes and remedies.

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