XTbML Tables: Search Tips and Other Resources

Welcome to MargusConsulting's free On-Line XTbML Database! Here, you'll find instructions for using the site, as well as Other Resources.

Search Tips


Basic Choices: Check "Content Type" and "Region"

First, check the top left of your display and verify that the right "Content Type" and "Region" are displayed. If not, click the left-hand button and make your choices.
Check 'Content Type' and 'Region'
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Pages and Scrolling

Immediately below the Basic Choices, you can control the page display. In this example,
  • We are displaying Items 1 through 10 of 67 items.
  • These appear on Page 1 of 7.
  • By default, we are displaying 10 listings per page. Other choices are 5, 50, or 1,000.
Here, you will also find the standard page scrolling capabilities. At the far right, "Reset" clears all your filtering choices.
Page Navigation Buttons


The Table Headings include Text Boxes and List Boxes. Your entries here will narrow your search of table.
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Filter by All or Part of Table Name

Type all or part of what you're looking for, and hit the <enter> key.
All or Part of a Table Name
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Filter by "Content Type" and "Country"

To select multiple values, press the Ctrl key. To select multiple values, press the Ctrl key. This technique applies to
  • Struct (Structure: Select, Ultimate, or Aggregate)
  • Content Type (Insured mortality, Annuitant Mortality, etc.)
  • Country
  • ANB or ALB (Age Nearest, Age Last, or Age Next)
  • Sex
  • Smoke (Smoker or Nonsmoker)
  • Race (US Census Categories: White, Nonwhite. Blank means composite population.)
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Filter by Observation Years, or Nominal Dates in the Table Name

Numerical Criteria using Inequalities Special techniques are available for the following numerical fields.
  • Table Id
  • Select Period
  • Obs Period Start
  • Obs Period End
  • Nominal Start
  • Nominal End
  • Min Age
  • Max Age
They are best illustrated by example.
  • "<=1993" means "1993 or earlier."
  • ">1985" means "after 1985."
  • ">=1985 && <=1993" means "between 1985 and 1993."
  • "<1985 || >1993" means "before 1985 or after 1993."
  • "<1900 && [nonempty]" means "before 1900 and Not Blank." This is useful for screening out blank entries.
  • "<1900 && >0" means "before 1900 and greater than 0." This filters out both blank and nonnumerical entries.
  • "!18 && !13" means " not 18 and not 13".
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Get the Files

The above Filtering Techniques can narrow your search to a reasonably short list. At that point, you can get your files by clicking the remaining links.

View XML

To view the XTbML file on the Society of Actuaries Website, click the xml link.
View XML on SoA Website
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Save an Excel File

To get the Excel File, click the xls link and save to disk.
Save Excel to Disk
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Other Resources

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