Paul Margus, FSA, MAAA

Experience spans many Insurance Functions:

Product Design and Marketing
  • Design and Specification:  Product Positioning, Competition, and Differentiation
  • Field Compensation: Design of Commissions, Bonuses, Overrides, and Benefits.
  • Underwriting: Issue and Participation Limits, Rules for Preferred Underwriting, Simplified Issue, Guaranteed Issue, Tobacco
  • Reinsurance: Retention Limits, Costs
  • Pricing: Translating above factors into Pricing Assumptions.  Establishing Profit Goals.  Building Pricing Models.
  • Sales Illustrations: Concepts, State Regulation, Illustration Actuary certifications, Software issues
  • Legal, Contract, Compliance: Market Conduct, Insurance Contracts, Disclosure, State variations, Statutes and Regulations
  • Individual Taxation: Federal Estate Tax, Individual Federal Income Tax
  • Reporting: Statutory and GAAP Accounting, Embedded Value, Economic Value, Capital Requirements, Secondary Guarantees, Preparation and Interpretation of Financial Statements, Schedule Q and other special requirements
  • Simulations and Projections: Modeling, Cash Flow Testing, Stochastic Simulations
  • Statistical Studies: Mortality, Morbidity, Lapse, Expense.  Setting Pricing and Valuation Assumptions.
  • Company Taxation: Corporate Federal Income Tax, Premium Tax, Franchise Taxes
Litigation and Settlements
  • Value of prospective Income Benefits for a range of impairments.
Information Technology
  • Creating Software Applications and Administrative Systems:  User interface hides the underlying Microsoft Office platform.  Using Visual Basic to link Access and Excel.
  • Data Processing: Database Technology, New Business and Policy Issue, Monthly and Anniversary Processing, Policyholder Reporting, Commission Payments, Data Integrity.  Product design tradeoffs.
  • Computing: Commercial Actuarial Software (MG-ALFA, PTS, TAS, AXIS), Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003 (Access and SQL, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Procedural Programming Languages (Microsoft Office Visual Basic, C), Windows (Vista, XP, DOS), UNIX, Legacy Software (Lotus 123, APL, FORTRAN, etc.).
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