MargusConsulting Actuarial Services

Using the actuarial software currently licensed to you (MG-ALFA, PTS, TAS, AXIS, etc.), I can advise and assist your Actuarial Department with a full range of actuarial tasks.
  • Valuation

    • Statutory Classical Formula-Based and evolving Principles-Based.

    • GAAP

    • Federal Income Tax

  • Analyzing Economic Capital requirements.

  • Determining Embedded Value.

  • Pricing

    • Expense Analysis Using your data, develop robust expense factors for your pricing and modeling.

    • Field Compensation An often neglected area, with surprising pricing effects. See Field Compensation Case Study.

    • Apply classical static methods to Individual Life Insurance and Annuities, Long Term Care, Variable Products, Individual Disability Income.

    • Stress test proposed product against against a range of random scenarios.

    • Illustration Actuary requirements.

    • State filings and correspondence.

  • Cash Flow Testing

    • Asset side Process asset information from your investment department. Model the investment and liquidation strategy.

    • Liability side Setting interest-sensitive assumptions (credited rates, lapses, flexible premiums).

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